Whatever the weather

The one thing that couples worry about most on the run up to their wedding is the weather.

We say, embrace whatever nature gives you!

Fitzleroi Barn is set high up, surrounded, on three sides, by the South Downs, the weather rolls in off the hills, giving you a stunning backdrop all year round. You never know what you are going to get from one hour to the next, you can start the day with a dark cumulonimbus sky and end the day bathed in glorious sunshine with an Azure blue sky.

We asked photographer Graham Baker how he coped with the unpredictable British weather.

“The most important thing to have in the equipment bag for a photographer, is the right attitude and embrace it for whatever the sky throws at you” 

The right attitude and a little preparation can go a long way.

“There is no such thing as bad weather. It’s a state of mind; we can’t change how the weather will be on the wedding day, but we can choose how we will respond to it!”

There are things that couples can do to make the most of whatever they get on their big day; parasols to soften the harsh sun on delicate complexions, clear umbrellas to keep you dry without spoiling the view, long flowing lace that can be picked up by the wind, stylish wellington boots or country tweed and sturdy brogues.

Graham goes on to say…

“I’ve had some very ‘wet’ weddings and it’s all about taking advantage of what we have. If you know what you’re doing boring grey skies can be turned into a dramatic one by controlling the ambient and using flash to focus the couple. Cloud can actually make the light softer – no squinting in the group shots!

Backlighting rain creates sparkles in the air

Having a great venue with options is always going to be a bonus!

Apart from the spectacular landscape surrounding Fitzleroi, the barn and farm buildings offer numerous cosy corners and rustic retreats. Internal and external opportunities to shelter from or make the most of the elements.

“When the heavens opened during one wedding in the middle of summer, the bride and groom grabbed a couple of umbrellas and danced a waltz in the courtyard” Julia McDavid, Fitzleroi Barn

Graham stresses the importance of working with a great venue where the staff are adaptable to the situation; work with the photographer to let them know of options and ideas of what’s been done and worked in the past.

Reflections in puddles/rain on the windows/children playing, jumping in puddles make memories of the day unforgettable and there is still a lot of fun to be had!

Whatever nature throws at you, embrace it, prepare for all eventualities and your day will be truly yours, weather and all.

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